2011 Holiday
How ya all doing?
Hoping that ya all have a nice holiday as for Christmas is just around the corner..
i bet that everyone are excited as i am i guess to celebrate this upcoming event.

ok..enough with the blah..blah..(nagging) hahaha..
today entry is about our family holiday..
well this year family holiday was not actually been planned by our parent..it more likely a random holiday. but it still fun even though it was a short holiday.
well the best moment was on the first day because one of my daddy's friend take us on a tour to a place that we haven't go yet..

urmm...i guess it better if the pictures tell us the story..
ok peeps..
^ ____ ^


Here the journey started

actually she not feeling well at the moment

random snap along the way

well we arrived at one of the biggest mall at Sibu

peace all

notice the background?
they having the art gallery day..

with two hero in my life...
on the left holding that little boy is my daddy and the other one is my brother

pictures and people

another random snap

my older sis

mummy and natalie

they so energetic 

we got snowman behind us

ha..this one is my beloved mummy

this little guy is my dad's staff son

snowmans...the fake one but still cool

at Christmas wonderland

they enjoying it so much

well that was suppose to be snow and know what it actually a bubble

look at they smile
= )

still playing with fake snow

they with the smurf

blurry image take by my brother

seriously i tell ya all..
my brother and cam are not match with each other

The Smurf

Mr Snowman

too dark pic..

this the brother i mention earlier..hehehe

look Santa is coming..

they enjoy the snow so much

the painting which i admire a lot


Second Destination
:: Bukit Aub ::
p/s : i doesn't really sure about the spelling of *Aub..hehehehe

we feed the fishes...lots of them...

mummy look stunning as usual..hehehe

actually im really tired at this moment...

my angles

there a story behind this picture..
and it a funny one!

i sweat a lot..
because we were climbing the hill..

we reach on top of the hill...


And later that night
venue :: Pizza Hut Sibu

This how we pampered ourself after having such tiresome journey and yet so enjoyable! 


Well that was my holiday for this year..
And  2011 are gonna end soon..
lots of memory that i had experienced this year..
and all that i gonna keep and cherish it forever because i wont be able to experience it again and all i could do is to remember it..

Before i closed today entry..
i wanna wish Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it and Happy New Year to everyone ! !

Enjoy Reading Peeps

mizs tiara... 


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