am i ur stupid doll babe!!!
 damn fucking hurt...what i feel rite now is unacceptable!!how could u do that????? i dont care if u go out with any gurl u like...just dat dont treat me like suck!!!!!!!
perhap i was a fool dat i trying to proof that i want u in my life...i need u...i care bout u....argghh!!!!!!! im so stupid to think that u r different from them but it turn out that u just one of them...cruel..heartless person...oh dear how could u think that i will never find could u think that im will be ur victim???i'll be ur stupid doll!!!!...oh no baby...u are not like other gurls u had not gonna quarrel with u bout this matter...ill just make u win gonna let u smile...u just smile...u totally gonna smile!

U SAID THAT IM TOO EGO TO CALL U!!!!!! BUT IM FUCKING MISS U!!! <---what the hell babe???? dun be such a scumbag!!!!! coz that not gonna change my though bout u babe..if u gonna play..yeah ok...ill play too...let c who gonna win...ever it gonna hurt me but hell yes u gonna feel it triple from what i had feel!! oh yeah babe! ull get yeah...for now WE HAVENT KNOW WHO GONNA WIN OR LOSE..
after u pay for what u had done to me then its my turn to =)

Lets us see what gonna happen last...who win...if u win well congratulation but if im d one whose win so get ready to cry coz that will hurt u!


Created by ctridzana