Well Mike =]

Latest news from me..
well not really bout' me..
today entry i dedicate it to my little brother who not so little..hehehe

my well mike =]

He is our one and only little brother..
well now he 15 Years Old..
oh yeahh..this year is his big year..
coz he gonna sit for PMR next month..
which are only 1 weeks to go..

i'm the one who getting stress than my brother..
urrmm..maybe that what big sister should feel..'i guess'..hehehe

the saddest part is that i cant be there to give him strength or motivate him personally..
i just talk with him through cell phone..::lame::
i rather run out phone credit that leave him alone..because i had been through the same situation as him..
i dont he feel that no one care about him..

im so far away from home..
aiyah..which i could be there on his big day..
but what to do..
i had other commitment which are my study (Y___Y)

wish him good luck..
pray for him and everyone else..

i bet right now he look like this:

Good luck to all for their ;


iu my dear brother =]



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