sleepy mood
how bored life could be..aiyah...
today...we only have one lecture session then we all free for the rest of the period...
how lame..

what my friend and i do was that watching horror film..
we watch Scream4..
of course in my lappy (coz my hard disk full of scary movies)

after done with that..watching the other scary movie which is not so scary making me felt so damn sleepy..hiyahh...

Right now in class most of us taking their beauty sleep..
some laying on the chair..some of them just lay their head on table and yada..yada..yada..
Seriously...these kind of phenomena making me wanna join them but it hard for me to fall asleep in class..

my condition right now is :

yes my dear friend..
im so damn sleepy.. 
what spoil the evening mood is that we have to attend class at 2 pm..
then i had a duty at the PGPM stall..

what a life..
what a life..



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