Hye all..
my bloggie must be very2 bored lately huh..its due 2 this st***d line..
hard for me to update my bloggie..

well as i promise at my last entry..
i gonna attach a few pictures of us..
enjoy reading n sight-seeing =)

This is our tutor with his beloved wife..
he was the best tutor ever and he gonna retire at the end of this year..
sad huh! :'(

Ok..here are the gojez muslimah in my class..
look at the way they dress up..
pretty and nice right!

Ok..now lets me introduce u 2 the non-muslim gojez..
they catch ur breath dont they..
so sexy and charming..
accept for me! hehehehe

now these are the guys..
they are the 1st person who sang that night

its dancing time..dont get me wrong..we just friend coz that guys are taken by some1!

Our KU..
and his name also KU..
so we called him KU KU

i LoVe this picture!
with my lovely fwen

the 2 adorable and hot chick in my class..
they amazing!

some of us..
we do love taking pictures!

finally after waiting and waiting and waiting..
we ate..see..there were lots of food!
cant stop eating!

eating again!
see nino face!

that cute guy are our photographer...
but he love to bully me ='(

its frank tyme..
due to lack of time we all can't participate but only the 'lucky' one got the challenges!
and she..
==>she had to confess her feeling to the wall!


well dear readers...

misz tiara


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