Seniors Farewell Party
Well to update my blog here i want to share a lil bit bout' our seniors - juniors party... Well this year we celebrate our Semester 8 seniors as they will graduate soon... so a small party wont kill right... even though not everyone of us attend the party but yet everything work out as planned ....

So i let the pictures spill the details bout this Farewell Party for y'all ...

Enjoy ='3

Seniors Farewell Party

One of our lecture
Puan Hajah P.

The King & The Queen of the night (:

The organizers

With Father of PML-ians
Mr Haji N.

again with the silly faces

The Memory

twin ehhh...
My doopleganger
Me and windut (flow manager)
The Pml-ians


The Seniors


Hope we'll meet again in the future..
Good Luck to our seniors
GBU all ='3

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