What happen to me...
Ok nothing much happen..
huh! what am i kidding....there a lots of things i had experienced just in one night..

before i proceed my story...
:: 2055-2155::

yeah peeps....im going back to Sarawak lor....yeah as usual at 1st i was so excited about coming home till i forgot to return my room key to Punitha<---cause she was the one who responsible  to collect all the keys..aiyah...ive notice it when im in the vehicles already...aiyah...=___=

then...i arrived at Tawau airport with this guilty feeling in side me.....while waiting for my friends to come i chit chat with someone ( driver who responsible to take me to the airport )..bla..bla..bla..
oh my...look at the time...ok *bebse...need to go... Y_____Y **see ya after the holiday**


Then mummy called me...she asked me about the weather  cause daddy told her that it raining+thunder+lighting there at Kuching..then proudly im told her that it not gonna rain here at Tawau....
but yet again i was wrong...and here come the worst part...i had...errr...i meant we had to face the bad weather..this journey was my worst journey ever in my history of journey...it really an unpleasant journey back there...fuhhh...luckily we arrived safely here at KK...

But peeps.....
well...i had my good time also on the f8...cause im sitting beside a korean dude!!
At first i though he Chinese..but when he talked with her mother whose sit opposite of him ...at the moment i was blur and i didnt realise that im staring at him until...
Mr Korea :: hye miss are u ok??
Me :: err..yeah..y?
Mr Korea :: owhh i though u scared..well..are u a student?
Me :: yeah i am..are u guys korean?
Mr Korea :: yeah we are..nice meeting u..are u sure u ok miss?? want me to hold your hand?
Me :: err..yeah..if u dont mind..

omy Gucci!!
he was good looking and full of humour..awww...im in heaven!!heeheheh..

Then we arrive at KK..still he accompany me when he knew that i was alone..i even get to know his parent...hahahaha....very funny right..then we had to go separate way..sad..Y____Y
well...a fairy tail must come to the end right...


Then me went to McD..sittin at the corner...on my lappy..online..playing game..blog walking...fb-ing..skyping..texting...^___^

look at the time...still got plenty of hours and im bored already...then...i watch horror movies, anime, shin chan and lastly playing Cooking Academy 2..hehehe


Kota Kinabalu - Sibu
:: 0800-0945 ::

then i also need to be on my own this morning...yeah technically my Papadom (daddy) already book a room at our regular hotel --Victoria Inn--
but i think i gonna take a little walk later...waiting for mummy to come..hehe..


Ok peeps..
wishing you all happy holiday
especially those who celebrate GAWAI and KAAMATAN..

"Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai"

heart ya all...


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