Current Status of Me
how are ya all doing??
hoping that ya all have a great time with your friends, family and even ya love one k...


Current Location :: Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Mood :: Bored and Waiting waiting for my f8 depart to tawau..

to be honest with you..
i really...really...

yeahhh its true....

but what to own mistake booked these ticket without consider it departure time... bad...hehehe..

since i have to wait about 6 hours to boarding just networking with friends...stalk others blog..huh.....playing game...even watching animes...
but still...

any other suggestion??hehehe..

I gonna start my second semester this coming Monday..
i cant believe it...i already studied at my college about 2 years now..there are lots of things that i had learn..i learn about other people...learn about friendship...learn about what the meaning of cooperation..and so on..

to be honest with ya all..i think im glad that i send here to study coz i'll be able to get out from my little hometown..even get out from i becoming more independent than before..

i am really ::
huh!! enough about least i still smiling...that should be guess...hehehe

u too peeps...should smile like that cartoon..hehehe


enjoy peeps..
and be happy always...

heart ya all...

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