Second Semester Already
Ohaiyo Amigos..
Its quit hard for me to update my blog due to the internet line is suck..
ok...ignore that..

Its my second semester for PISMP..
well...we got our result already.. GPA is 3.78.....good job..good job Sujen..hehehe
at least i still can proud of myself..hehe

Well i still envy my friends..they also receive quit a splendid result..perhaps i should take this matter as my inspiration to maintain and improve my GPA for this and the following semester..


new semester of course there will be a new lecture that will guide us through this sem..
ok before i introduce ya all to our cool and amazing lecture i want to share things that we gonna study this sem.


1. Literasi Bahasa
2. Numerical Literacy
3. Perkhidmatan dalam Pemulihan
4. Murid dan Alam Belajar
5. ELP
6. Kemahiran Pengamatan

ok...our lectures for this sem are :

1. Mr MB

2. Sir T

3. Mr S

4. MR NH

5. MDM S


well...have to go...our lec just enter our class...
chow peeps...

smile always....

heart ya all peeps..

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