Time for assignment
yeah..i guess when u read my post title u all know what am i gonna talk bout tonight..
hell yeah..its about assignment a.k.a coursework a.k.a project and so on.

well peeps to be honest, right now im in a process of  finishing my essay but aint got any ideas to elaborate my points. so i steal some time to have a peek at my beloved bloggie...
ehehehe...hoping that i could get some ideas..
huh..lame right..ngee =.=!

ok..so far..we already received 3 coursework and 1 of it gonna be submitt by this friday along with my BIG report / reflection. The other 2 are major subject which are quit difficult as we need to perform some research about remedial students.
but any way...wish me luck guys..

well..gonna go back to my essay..hoping to finish it tonight coz tomorrow i wanna focus on my report which i havent started yet..hahaha..aiyah lazy me -.-"

enjoy reading peeps..



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